Casting for the leading role on the Life is Travel channel | travel to Mexico

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Zeus and Cherry's team, the Life is Travel channel, announces a star search casting. We need a third (th) presenter (host) for the program dedicated to the volcano Arenal in Mexico.
Life is Travel channel is a public channel in YouTube and we select a simple, active, positive host, able to climb to the mouth of the volcano. The main quality - publicity and the ability to work on the camera, share posts on social networks, like to put marks, comment ( in General, an active user of social networks).
During the contest, we will determine a worthy candidate.
To participate in the contest, you must::
1. Subscribe or already be a subscriber to the @LifeisTravelVideo organizer account.
2. Post a competitive photo (using repost or screenshot).
3. To mention under the photo account of the organizer @LifeisTravelVideo and the contest tag #volcanorisaba.
4. Go to Youtube channel Life is Ttravel, subscribe to it, view one of our videos (it is desirable to comment, put a mark like/dislike)
5. Go to and share it in any social network Facebook or Vkontakte
6. Subscribe to Facebook group - tours in Mexico or Vkontakte - guide to Mexico
7. View the social media feed and comment on or respond to posts before the end of the first selection stage.

Contest Rules:

Life is Travel
Any adult between the ages of 20 and 50 can take part in the competition. Sociability and sociability, work on camera - the basic requirements for the candidate. It is desirable that the candidate had no bad habits and knew English or Russian. The candidate must have an open international passport valid for at least 2019.
Candidate must successfully perform all tasks of the first stage of the qualifying round, after which July 15, live on our channel will select 10 candidates of the lucky ones who will receive gifts from Zeus, and Cherry. The second stage of the competition will be held with these 10 participants. They will be asked to perform an easy task when performing. which we will choose only one successful candidate.
The successful candidate will be the owner of a seven-day tour to Mexico in October 2018. And participate in the hero program the journey of Zeus and Cherries, the volcano Orizaba. And all the expenses for the implementation of the tour will take the channel Life is Travel.

Dates of the Competition

The first stage will be held from 13.04.2018 to 14.07.2018
The selection of the first 10 candidates will take place on 15.07.2018 at 20-00 Moscow time. Further, from 16.07.2018 to 02.09.2018 the second stage of the contest will be held.
journey to Mexico
The winner will be announced on 04.09.2018 live on Life is Travel channel

Method of selecting the Winner:

The winners of the first part of the contest will be selected by selecting a random photo from the contest tag #volcanorisaba
The winner of the second part of the contest will be selected to perform the task given to 10 participants after their selection.
The program will be shot in Mexico, during 4 days. 3 day canal Life is Travel stabs on the fly, and host adaptation.Recording of the program is scheduled for October 10, 2018.

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Casting for the leading role on the Life is Travel channel | travel to Mexico
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